Anton Swifton  — 1 month ago
Before exploring possibilities for speeding up the computations in Tile Machine, I decided to add one more feature to the prototype: small challenges that allow the player to make incremental progress in the game. Trying to beat the whole game at once is difficult, I spent many hours trying to do that and only got to the average game length of 150 rows. Another reason why challenges are useful is that making patterns for all tetrominoes is a lot of work. It's much more enjoyable to make a program just for one tetromino, optimize it and extend it to ...
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The general plan

Anton Swifton  — 2 months ago
I am planning to build a higher quality desktop version with a better UI and more advanced testing features. The idea is to use C and Windows API for UI. Another alternative is to keep doing it in javascript and just improve the current version. The current plan is to go with C, because I think that it will be easier to optimize the matching code (which is currently the only bottleneck) in C than in js. Also, I think that a Windows UI will be better than a browser UI. Also, I think that handling saves will be easier ...
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