I'm going to stop working on this project for an unclear amount of time. The main reason is that the project is too large given that I'm trying to get a PhD and do a bunch of other things at the same time. Another reason is that there are legal issues that I don't want to deal with.

If anyone was planning to play when the game is finished, I apologize. However, there will be similar games, because I'm interested in the idea of giving the player an intuitive graphical interface for making a bot playing a game (and exploring this idea doesn't have to involve Tetris).

In the near future I'm planning to go back to making games that run in a browser, and the main motivation for my technical decisions will be the desire to try my ideas as fast as possible and let people play my games with the minimal effort. Thus, the only handmade thing about my programming will be the fact that I like doing things from scratch. I might look into webassembly at some point, though, so if people are interested in reading about my experiments with it, I will submit a project to the network.