NOTICE: This project is on hiatus and may not update for a while.
Tile Machine is a game where you teach the computer to play the Game of Falling Tetrominoes. The essence of this simple tile game is that a random tetromino appears at the top of a rectangular stack, and the computer chooses the position and the rotation of that tetromino. After that, the tetromino falls down and lands on top of other tetrominoes that appeared earlier. If, as a result of that, one of the rows becomes full, that row is cleared. The player's task is to teach the computer to choose the rotation and the position wisely by providing patterns of blocks that can appear on the playing field and specifying, what the rotation and the position of the tetromino should be, if that pattern occurs.

A prototype of the game that runs in a browser is available on github:

There is an html tutorial in the repository that clarifies the rules.

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